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ShortCut Worship Music is a compilation of  27 beloved Christian hymns with a range of levels from easy to more challenging.  Our method teaches new or returning students to play favorite hymns on the piano with confidence, in a very short time. 


Who Needs This Book?

  • Those without former piano training who would love to play in their homes and families
  • Missionaries who want to play for wards, branches, baptisms, and missionary meetings
  • Students of all ages who have had previous piano lessons and still can’t play the hymns
  • Parents and grandparents who would like their children and grandchildren to have spiritual musical experiences
  • Adults who would love to play sacred music, but lack time or resources to learn to play the piano using traditional methods
  • Anyone who has a desire to play in church


  • Spiral-bound Paperback, 72 pages

  • Contact us for orders of ten or more books. 

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